Bikes for rent in Florence

Tuscany Cycle offers a wide range of bikes to rent in Florence either for rent or buy; also, through our organized tours, Tuscany Vespa Tours and many others.

We offer you a personalized service of bikes to rent in Florence for groups, couples and families, for a day, for more than one day or weeks thanks to a close collaboration with hostels, bed & breakfast, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Furthermore, if you already know the places to visit and want to optimize your time without worries, we propose set up itineraries that allows you to reach your desired destinations fast. Just download the theme maps from our Itineraries section.


Tuscany Cycle is born as a response to a great passion toward the bicycle world and a deep respect of our environment. Therefore we offer you the possibility to enjoy one of the most important landscape patrimonies allowing you to immerge yourself on the aromas and culinary knowledge of one of the most beautiful regions in the world.

Live up the city in a different way.

To conjugate the joy of a bicycle ride with the pleasure of discovering new places and the alleys that define this city.

Bike to rent in Florence. How it works

Tuscany Cycle main activity represents bikes to rent in Florence. Renting is easy. Choose the bicycle that is suitable to your needs, and decide how long will you keep it. Fill up a form and leave a valid ID document..

Enjoy the ride!