Our Vespa Tour Florence is the best way to enjoy the Tuscan countryside in a new and exciting way!


Escape from the huge crowds and never-ending lines in the city on our Vespa Tour Florence . Discover the breathtaking views and rolling hills that Chianti has to offer. Zoom around the countryside for an adrenaline-filled day of fun and Tuscan sun. Plus, your experience won’t be short on Chianti wine and delicious Tuscan food either!

Book online now, and you will only need to pay a deposit of 20% of the total cost.

What is the icon of Italy? The Vespa! When in Italy you can’t miss the opportunity to try out a pair of small Italian wheels on our Vespa Tour Tuscany. Explore authentic small villages where the life and the culture are slower and more relaxed.

Don’t worry, we thought of everything! First, we will bring you by van in the Tuscan countryside where you will have the time to try the Vespa. Then, once we make sure that you can drive it properly, prepare to CRUISE!

After that, it is time to experience the rolling Tuscan hills and magnificient views. Vineyards and olive groves look like a painting all around you. In other words, you’ll feel like a part of one of Leonardo’s masterpieces!

Tuscany Vespa Tour


Sunset Vespa Tour in Tuscany


Half-Day Tuscany Vespa Tour



Finally, it is time for a delicious Tuscan lunch paired with wine. Remember, for us, your safety is the most important concern, so no more driving after the wine drinking begins!

How to pick out the best Vespa Tour Florence experience?

First of all, avoid tours that have you drive in the city. You don’t want to go head-to-head with crazy Italian drivers!

What do you need to join the Vespa Tour Tuscany?

You need a valid car driving license.

What if you cannot ride the Vespa properly?

In this case we have a couple options: you can be a passenger with one of your friends or family members, or jump on the Vespa with one of the guides.

How long in advance I need to book the tour?

Our tour is pretty popular, so the sooner the better!


A few words about the history of the Vespa. Everything started in 1946 by Emilio Piaggio who designed the first Vespa in small Tuscan town Pontedera, half way from Florence to Pisa.

Since then it has become an Icon of style, city transport and the Italian lifestyle.